"Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit" Joseph Pilates

We aim to embody all that Joseph Pilates intended his method to be. We want you to move, we want you to keep moving. We want to inspire and empower you. We want you to live your best life.

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Brodie Donegan


My name is Brodie and I am a mum to 3 young children who keep me on my toes! I am super excited to have opened a studio here in Ourimbah (with the help of my amazing partner Nick!). 

I discovered Pilates following a traumatic car accident. It helped me move again and reduced my overall disability and pain levels. While I was rehabbing from my accident, which included learning to walk again, I became inspired to help others regain their quality of life. I have an Adv Dip of Nutrition, a Cert IV in Fitness, Pre/Post Natal Qualifications in Fitness, Preggibellie and Pilates and a Cert IV and Diploma in Pilates. I am however always studying! (If i'm not travelling - lol!) And keen to always increase my knowledge! I have been teaching solely Pilates Since early 2017 and have been loving this journey and being part of this community. If you haven't given Pilates a go yet, come try it out. I look forward to seeing you in the studio! 

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Emma Healy


My Name is Emma,I am one of your instructors at Recalibrate Pilates. I am a down to earth, fun and loving person who enjoys working with others to promote a balanced healthy lifestyle. I have completed a Certificate IV in Physiotherapy + Occupational Therapy Assistantance, a Certificate IV in Pilates Teaching & a Diploma in Clinical Pilates and Rehabilitation. My interests include Pilates/ exercise, the beach, the bush and the snow. I am a real people person and I really love working with others to reach their personal goals. I can not wait to meet you and I look forward to having you in my classes :)! 

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Jee Ahn


I am originally from Korea, and took every opportunity from a young age to get physical through participation in dance, pilates and yoga.
I found my ultimate physical workout when I first tried pilates 8 years ago.
I love to share my  passion of pilates through fun, flowing and dynamic classes focusing on strength development, flexibility and core stability. You should try one! 


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