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Helpful Information

  • How do I see class timetable?
    You can view our class timetable on our timetable and pricing page in the menu. The best way to view our timetable is by signing up to our booking platform
  • How do I book into a class?
    There is a few different ways you can book into a class. The easiest way is to purchase credits (take advantage of our intro pack if you are new), via the online store: and then booking into your selected class. If the class is full you will be places on a waitlist and notified once you get a spot in the class.
  • Do I have to pay online for class credits?
    It is advised to pay for your class credits on our bookings app with credit/debit card, but you can pay in person with cash or card at our studio or via bank transfer. Please note if you do not have any class credits on the booking system you cannot book into our classes using our booking app and so you will need to email us at to organise a spot in your preferred class. Please also allow a few minutes before or after the class to sort out payment. Thankyou!!
  • What happens if there are no spots available for a class?
    If the class is full, you will be added to our waiting list. If a person booked into the class cancels you will be notified via email, Push notifications on the app and SMS that you are now booked into the class.
  • What is the lastest I can book into a class?
    Currently you can book into a class up until 30 minutes before class starts. It is advised as we are a small studio, to secure a spot, that you book in advance. There is no limit, provided you have class credits, to how many classes you can book in advance. However currently the system will only allow booking up to 4 weeks in advance. If there are regular classes you wish to attend that suit your schedule, please feel free to book ahead to secure your spot.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Clients can cancel previously booked classes via the booking app up until 6 hours before the scheduled class start time. Cancellations less than 6 hours before class start time will result in a loss of class credit and fee charged if you have an unlimited Membership.
  • I want to attend multiple classes per week. Is there a membership?
    We are constantly reviewing our offers to our members. Memberships are auto recurring and direct debited. We currently offer multiple memberships for Group Pilates classes: Bronze 1 x weekly Membership for $24.50 per week, Silver 2 x weekly Membership option for $44 per week, Gold 3 x weekly Membership option for $55.50 per week, Platinum - Up to 7 x weekly for $66 per week. AND 15 x Monthly Membership option for $277.50 per month. All of these except the platinum membership are able to be shared with family members. Please also contact us at for any membership queries.
  • I'm not sure what class to take?
    Please contact us at with any questions you might have. We have a variety of ways to start your Pilates journey - from a discounted first Private visit, and intro pack to Clinical Pilates, and an intro pack to Group Pilates (Reformer and Mat). In general, group Pilates classes all attendee's follow a similar class format (but we can modify for injuries and restrictions). In Clinical Pilates, it is more of an individualised class (with a smaller number of people) and you may do some similar things as the other attendee's and some different things depending on where you are with your Pilates journey and how you feel on the day. Private classes are entirely focused on you.
  • I have injuries. Can I still do Pilates?
    Pilates is an excellent way to strengthen and rehabilitate body parts. I myself have largely used Pilates to rehabilitate from a traumatic car accident. Please get in contact with us prior to booking if you are unsure and we will get a little bit of information and background about you and your injuries and then offer you a few different ways to start your Pilates journey.
  • I am unable to make it to the listed class times, are there any other options available?
    We are adding to and refining our timetable all the time. You can email us to suggest a new group or clinical class time that would suit, otherwise you can contact us to see if there is an option to book a private class at a time that suits.
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